Catalyst: Interviews are from photographic creatives that support knowledge and community, and provide vision and inspiration in their pursuits. Contained here are the thoughts, ideas, and the efforts of those who have excelled in their medium. They are starting points and roads to travel, in search of your own process and goals.

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Underexposed Magazine is an online magazine curated by Davìda Carta, dedicated to showcasing and promoting fine art photography made by women. 



The Hand Magazine | Issue #20


2017 - 2018 | Cover image

Diffusion IX Photography Annual 

An Artfully-Crafted Photography Annual

Diffusion is an independent, reader-supported annual magazine that highlights and celebrates artfully crafted photographic artwork including, but not limited to, handcrafted, alternative process, mixed media, installation, photo as object, avant-garde, experimental, etc. Diffusion strives to spotlight artists pushing the boundaries of traditional photographic processes as well as introducing new and innovative voices through articles, interviews, and image galleries.

Described as ‘a wonderful bundle of inspiration,’ Diffusion is supported by an audience of photographers, gallery directors, educators and art enthusiasts worldwide.

“I feel that the material, design, and content are top tier. The curation really seems to be different than what is typically shown. There appears to be a keen eye on finding authentic diamonds in the rough. Diffusion showcases known as well as yet-to-be known underdogs of avant-garde photographic arts.” ~ S. Saumell


Don't Take Pictures

Photo of the Day November 28, 2017

photo-eye | BLOG


Interview and New Portfolio – Molly McCall's Home Movies

LENSCRATCH Fine Fine Art Photography Daily

L'Oeil de la Photographie | The Eye of Photography

Readers Portfolio | April 22, 2017


Baylor Lariat  | Martin Museum of Art

TPS 25| International Competition