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I am keenly interested in the passage of time, transformation, change, loss, and memory. I work somewhere between angst and tranquility, attempting to reconcile the past with the present. I am interested in evoking both illumination and ambiguity while cultivating a sense of surface, texture, and tone. I use both photography and painting and push both mediums to achieve a visual solution to my own curiosity.  My work reflects three parallel involvements:  Narrative, color, and sensory response. 

Searching for imagery is part of my creative process. My selection is purely by visceral response. Whether I use one of my own photographic images, a discarded snap shot, a vintage magazine, or the Internet, my eye selects the subject and the captured image (object) serves as a jumping off point to creating a new visual story. 

Molly McCall works in California where she lives in the rural countryside with her husband Gordon and two German Shorthaired Pointers.

    McCall's Studio in Monterey, CA


McCall's Studio in Monterey, CA